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[WS18] Introduction to Computing for Non-Computer Science Majors


Course participants will gain an overview of basic data structures and algorithms to solve problems in computer science and become familiar with the Python programming language. Through hands-on assignments, students will get an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the topics addressed in the lecture.Through lectures, exercises and individual work, students will train their ability to:

  • analyze a given problem from a computing point of view;
  • choose appropriate data structures and algorithm for solving the problem;
  • implement their solution using Python;
  • deal with errors using online sources;
  • prepare a documentation for the software developed.

By successfully completing the course, participants will acquire the knowledge and the skills required to successfully complete various forms of computer-science-related projects

Workload: 4 SWS (2 Lecture / 2 Exercise), 6 ECTS

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[WS18] Seminar Selected Topics in Media Informatics

Seminar participants will explore current research trends and established approaches in the broad field of Media Informatics. Topics covered on the seminar include, but are not limited to the areas of:

  • Data & Information Science Applications
  • Blockchain Applications & Cryptocurrencies
  • Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval
  • Multimedia Retrieval
  • Web-based Application Development
  • Information Extraction

Seminar participants will gain an overview of the state-of-the-art technologies for different Media Informatics problems. They will be able to describe the current research trends, research challenges, and the predominant approaches for tackling these research challenges.

For the theoretical research project, each participant will perform an in-depth literature review on current research approaches that address a particular research task. The participants will present their findings in an academic paper and a 30-minute-long presentation during one of the seminar sessions. Through this process, which the lecturers supervise and guide, the participants will train their ability to:

  • find, organize, and systematically read relevant research papers;
  • analyze, compare, and contrast research approaches and findings;
  • structure, write, and format an academic paper;
  • present their work using appropriate presentation techniques and presentation aids;
  • answer questions and discuss their work with peers.

For the practical research project, participants will choose an applied real-world problem. The participants will design and implement a method or application that addresses the identified problem. By completing this task, participants will gain hands-on experience in application development.By successfully completing the seminar, participants will achieve valuable preparation in terms of the knowledge and the methodological skills required to successfully complete a bachelor’s or master’s project in the Media Informatics field.

Workload: 2 SWS, 4 ECTS

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